Workshops & Seminars

Would you like to learn new stuff, get updated at what you already know or refresh your skills?

Hire us for a workshop or a seminar! It doesn't matter if you're a one man group, 10 or 50 for that matter. No group too small, non too big.

Color Management;From capture to output:

  • Monitor calibration
  • Setup of working colorspaces, how to convert for correct and monitor matching output
  • Paper profiling, both from scratch and enhancing already existing profiles

Workflow: Build an efficient working routine. Save time on raw development, retouching and output

Retouching: Learn advanced retouching, for speed and quality the non destructive way!

  • Advanced D&B
  • Split frequency retouching
  • Build your own actions
  • Compositing

Lighting: Learn how to build beautiful light for your fashion, beauty, portraiture and technical images.

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